IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things
05-08 February 2018 – Singapore

VERT1 – Smart Cities and Nations

Date:  Tuesday, 6 February 2018
Time:  10:30-12:30, 13:30-15:30, & 16:00-18:00
Room: 4201A & 4201B

* Denotes related track: TOP2: Policy and Regulations (for Smart Cities),
Thursday 8 February 2018, 10:30-12:30, 13:30-15:30, & 16:00-18:00, Rooms 4201A & 4201B

Track Summary

All cities are complex systems, balancing available resources to best exploit the value that can be provided to the population. Technology advances are continuously redefining this balance. At the same time economics and regulatory aspects play a major role in fostering the adoption and deployment of Technology and are a key ingredient in the decision making that translates potential into reality. This Vertical, on Smart Cities and Nations, takes a global view of the current status and discusses the paths forward, taking into account the new possibilities opened by the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is proving that the sensing of processes, infrastructure, and city control systems, and the gathering of data is a basis for improvement and innovation. It enables the monitoring of conditions and performance of city functions and the subsequent fact based analyses results in the awareness of the city status. This in turn leads to better planning and the execution of actions that can steer the Cities’ evolution, bettering the use of resources and the well being of its citizens