IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things
05-08 February 2018 – Singapore


TOP5 – Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Date:  Wednesday, 7 February 2018
Time:  10:30-12:30, 13:30-15:30, & 16:00-18:00
Room: 4201A & 4201B
 Technologies and Trends
10:30 Joern Ploennigs, IBM Research – Ireland Presentation: AI for Automating IoT
11:00 Andy Chun, City University of Hong Kong Presentation: Logistics Optimization with IoT, Digital Twin, AI and Blockchains
11:30 Simon See, Nvidia AI Technology Center Singapore Presentation: End-to-End AI Computing
12:15 Panel Discussion
12:30 Lunch Break
 Challenges and Opportunities
13:30 Jiewen Wu, A*STAR Artificial Intelligence Programme, and Institute for InfoComm Research Presentation:  Artificial Intelligence for IoT Analytics: Challenges and Opportunities
14:00 C.K. Vishwakarma, AllThingsConnected Presentation: I or A.I.- Should I fear Artificial Intelligence?
14:30 Laura Wynter, IBM Research – Singapore Presentation: Artificial Intelligence and Automation in an IoT-equipped World
15:00 Panel Discussion
15:30 Coffee Break
 Application and Ethics
16:00 Hironobu Takagi, IBM Research – Japan Presentation: Realworld Accessibility
16:30 Pamela Finckenberg-Broman and Morgan M. Broman, The RAiLE© Project Presentation: Human-Robotics/AI Interaction, The RAiLE© Project
17:00 Yong Liang Guan, Nanyang Technological University and NTU-NXP Smart Mobility Lab and Schaeffler Hub for Advanced Research (SHARE) at NTU Presentation: NTU-NXP Smart Mobility Test-Bed: A Campus-Wide Infrastructure for Connected Cars
17:30 Panel Discussion