IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things
05-08 February 2018 – Singapore

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018 – 13:30-15:30, Room 4203

IF01a- Investment and Entrepreneurship in IoT (I)

A recent Verizon study found the Internet of Things (IoT) has gained significant momentum in 2016, with accelerating investment in 2017. It reported 20-85% growth between 2016 and 2017 in various markets including smart cities/communities, energy, transportation/distribution, and manufacturing. McKinsey estimated that the Internet of Things could generate $4 trillion to $11 trillion in value globally in 2025.

During 2016-2017 the IoT industry has also seen billions of dollars in M&A and private placement. Aimed to provide a quick yet informative sketch on the IoT investment skyline, this session features speakers from the investment and entrepreneurship communities to present their interests, portfolios, and activities on IoT from strategic and investment perspectives. An open discussion panel will be held at the end to facilitate Q&A and dialogues among speakers and participants.


Dr. ShiWei Wang, managing partner of Roth Asia Partners and a board director of MPRC
Shiwei WangDr. Shiwei Wang is the managing partner of Roth Asia Partners and a board director of MPRC.  He was a senior vice president of China Resources Microelectronics group in charge of strategy, research and development as well as product marketing for business units in wafer production, packaging and design.  He was a senior advisor for Carlyle Investment Group’s buyout fund leading investments in the technology sector.  Prior to that, he served as vice president for world leading electronics corporations like the Compal Computer Group, Delta Electronics Group, and Wistron Group.  He also was the vice president of engineering in the Financial and Continental Business Group of the Institute of Information Industry.  He was a associated professor in National Chiao-Tung University and advisor to ITRI.  Earlier, Dr. Wang worked in IBM T. J. Watson Research Center on supercomputer projects RP3 and Deep Blue.  Dr. Wang received his Ph.D. degree from Harvard University, M.S. from Columbia University, and B.S. from California Institute of Technology.  He holds more than 40 patents in communication, semiconductor device, chip architecture, and software.


Jesse Pichel, Managing Director, ROTH Capital Partners USA
Jesse Pichel joined ROTH Capital Partners in June 2013 as Managing Director in Investment Banking. Prior to joining ROTH, Mr. Pichel was a Managing Director, Global Head of Clean Technology Research for Jefferies Group Inc. Jesse has 18+ years of capital markets experience and is recognized as one of the first research analysts to focus on Solar and New Energy Technologies. He co-founded Piper Jaffray’s CleanTech practice in 2004, and previously worked at Needham and Company and Unterberg Towbin as a Research Analyst in the Semiconductor, Electronic Manufacturing, and Emerging Technology sectors. Pichel has received numerous stock picking and earnings accuracy awards including those given by Institutional Investor (II), Forbes, FT/StarMine, and has been ranked as a top analyst and “Top Gun” by the The Wall Street Journal Best on the Street Analyst Survey. He was most recently ranked as a top analyst in the 2012 II All American Team for Alternative Energy, and was runner up two times previously. Pichel is a founding member of the Sierra Club’s Clean Tech Council, and is on the board of other nonprofits promoting Sustainability and the Environment. Pichel earned his B.S. from Cornell University, and his MBA from Fordham University.

The growth in IOT has been exponential. Inexpensive IT and bandwidth is enabling a profusion of new IoT applications and uses. This and the resulting big data have brought new efficiencies, and also very substantial vulnerabilities. This applies to people, companies, communities, and governments. As a US IPO firm, we look for leading IOT companies all over the globe. The US stock market is the preferred listing location for Alibaba and most other great technology age companies, because US investors have the greatest appetite and experience in technology innovation businesses. Our discussion will focus on what sorts of IOT related companies are of particularly high

Chad Keck, Vice Chairman, Needham & Company, LLC. USA
Chad Keck
Chad’s finishes his investment banking career as Vice Chairman of Needham & Company for whom he worked for more than 25 years. At Needham & Company, Chad served as founder of the West Coast Office, Co-head of Corporate Finance, Head of the Investment Banking Committee and leader of Needham’s Investment Banking Activities in China. During this period he worked on more than 200 Investment Banking Transactions including 50 Initial Public Offerings all for technology based companies. As a specialist in the semiconductor sector, Chad worked with many of the nation’s leading companies in semiconductor equipment, Electronic Design Automation and semiconductor devices. He counts as friends and clients many of the entrepreneurs and financiers that enabled the PC revolution and the internet and the mobile solutions that play such an important part of today’s life style.

Presentation: The IoT Revolution – Playing the Derivatives
I will discuss the methodologies for identifying investment opportunities that result from IoT. I will focus on several segments and give examples, concluding with a discussion of how to value the players.

Dr. Alan Lin, Director, Strategic Business Development, Tatung Co. Taiwan
Alan Lin
Dr. Alan Lin (Chih-Yin Lin) is the Director of Strategic Business Development in System Business Group, Tatung Company. He leads the planning, coordination, and execution of worldwide business development activities for advanced and smart energy solutions such as micro grid, smart meter, AMI, solar energy system and engineering, building EMS, IoT, and smart city applications.

Previously, Dr. Lin was with Quanta Computer Inc. He was the Head of Product Planning in Quanta Research Institute and Associate Director of Marketing, Sales and Services in Business Unit 12, where he led product and market strategies, ecosystem partnership management, and product marketing of video communications, healthcare and IoT product lines. Before joining Quanta, he was a software engineer and project manager in Industrial Technology Research Institute. In addition to lead software projects for digital rights management and utility computing, he was a CMMI process reengineering specialist, and an information security management consultant to the industry. He was an Assistant Professor teaching in several universities in Taiwan. During 2005-2006, He was a Visiting Scientist in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he focused in research areas of trusted computing and distributed file systems.

Dr. Lin received a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering from Catholic Fu-Jen University, and a Ph.D. degree in Information Management from National Chiao Tung University. He won three top prices of European Satellite Navigation Competition in 2008 and 2009. He has published more than fifteen research papers and has received eight USPTO invention patents.

Presentation: IoT and the Future of Energy
The energy industry and the world economic are now in a paradigm shift due to the emerging of renewable energy and distributed power grids. It’s by far creating the most powerful impact ever since the industry revolution. While the economists, politicians, and experts in the world are speaking on the big issues, in this talk a few small changes happening at this moment are addressed. Some imply significant challenges for the industry to move on, and some are new opportunities with IOT flavors waiting to be explored.
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Wednesday, 7 February 2018 – 16:00-18:00, Room 4203

IF01b – Investment and Entrepreneurship in IoT (II)

A recent Verizon study found the Internet of Things (IoT) has gained significant momentum in 2016, with accelerating investment in 2017. It reported 20-85% growth between 2016 and 2017 in various markets including smart cities/communities, energy, transportation/distribution, and manufacturing. McKinsey estimated that the Internet of Things could generate $4 trillion to $11 trillion in value globally in 2025.

During 2016-2017 the IoT industry has also seen billions of dollars in M&A and private placement. Aimed to provide a quick yet informative sketch on the IoT investment skyline, this session features speakers from the investment and entrepreneurship communities to present their interests, portfolios, and activities on IoT from strategic and investment perspectives. An open discussion panel will be held at the end to facilitate Q&A and dialogues among speakers and participants.


Chung-Min Chen, Sr. Director of Data Science & Analytics at iconectiv, a subsidiary of Ericsson
Chung-Min Chen
Chung-Min Chen is Sr. Director of Data Science & Analytics at iconectiv, a subsidiary of Ericsson. Dr. Chen is a recognized expert in big data, analytics, and mobile networks with over 60 research papers published in IEEE and ACM periodicals. At iconectiv, he leads development of machine learning solutions that help operators detect telecom frauds, predict customer satisfaction, churns, and discover market insights. Prior to that, he was with Applied Research of Telcordia for many years, driving research and consulting in data management, mobile networks, connected vehicles, secure and private data indexing, and quantitative financial data analysis.  Dr. Chen was an Adjunct Professor with National Taiwan University during 2007-2010. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park and B.Eng. in Computer Science from NTU.


Lee Stogner, Partner and SVP, Liquidax Capital, USA
Lee StognerLee Stogner serves in Executive Positions in several corporations that drive improved business performance using technologies that include Business Innovation, Digital Transformation, Project Management, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Lee has over 35 years of design, consulting, project management and business development experience across a range of industries. Lee has driven growth at companies that include Digital Equipment, Fluor Corporation, Rockwell International and Liquidax Capital. Customers around the world have benefited from Lee’s expertise and leadership.Throughout his working career, Lee has been active in both local and international professional activities. Lee is the Chair of the Carolinas’​ Engineering Cluster and a past Director of the IEEE Board of Directors. Today, Lee is active in promoting the development of the Internet of Things through his participation in the IEEE Smart Grid Initiative, the IEEE Transportation Electrification Committee and as a Member of the IEEE Internet of Things Initiative, IoT. Lee can be contacted at 

Presentation:  The IEEE Entrepreneur Network
The IEEE Entrepreneurship community is at the forefront of turning ideas into successful businesses. We make it priority to help our members not just launch, but grow their ventures and facilitate the networking and mentoring of those who have the passion to translate their vision into reality.

Joel Myers, CEO, DOMILA Limited, Ireland
Joel MyersLeading technologist specializing in the creation and development of innovation technology solutions in the communications and management of services in Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and since 2015 in Business Networking.

Over the past 30 years, he has worked with museums and archaeological worldwide, including the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pompei in Italy, the Courtauld Institute in London, and The Frick Museum and Metropolitan Museum in New York. His projects in cultural heritage and tourism have covered solutions in digital photo-archiving, reconstructions of sites using 3D virtual reality, augmented reality, and audio-visual mobile applications. In 2008, Joel Myers led a team of developers in partnership with Google Inc. (Mountainview, California) and the Universities of Virginia and UCLA in the creation of Google Earth’s first historical city layer, ancient Rome, launched with Michael Jones (CTO, Google Inc. in 2008) under the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and hosted by On. Gianni Alemanno, the Mayor of the Municipality of Rome in 2008.

He is currently working on the commercialisation of a mobile application called HoozAround. This App offers very close-proximity networking for users to carry out academic, business and social networking based on profile matching needs or interests in real-time, indoors and outdoors. Its aim is to bring people together that would otherwise never meet, face-to-face, in order to create new opportunities to grow academically, in business and socially. The HoozAround app has been made available to all participants of the IEEE: World Forum on Internet of Things and will be part of the panel discussion held by Joel Myers and Nahum Gershon, The MITRE Corp., as a first example solution of an Internet of People approach to Smart Cities.

The work carried out by Joel Myers has been published in international newspapers and journals such as the BBC, New York Nimes, Hong Times, the Hindu Times, Wired, and Forbes Magazine.

Presentation: HoozAround: Building an Internet of People City
The presentation makes the case for an Internet of People (IoP). Whilst fully accepting that the Internet of Technology (IoT) has been and will continue to be a prime mover in the development of technology and universal communication, it demonstrates how the Internet and human communications through virtual communities has led to serious issues in human relationships and how technology has forgotten the importance of face-to-face (F2F) dialogue and contact. As technology advances, people should become the focus of moulding our technology needs. The author is concerned that otherwise the future developments in technology, especially in virtual communities and AI will fail to serve the real needs of humanity. It is important that the IoP is developed and acts in balance to the IoT.

The presentation also introduces a new mobile app, Hoozaround, which was inspired by the IoP principles. Using proximity awareness and profile matching, it connects people face-to-face with similar interests in their immediate vicinity both indoors and outdoors, in real-time. The app is the basis for a new model for developing people-driven smart cities, called People-Connected Cities.

Dr. Ren Wu, CEO and Founder, NovuMind Inc., USA
Ren WuDr. Ren Wu is the Founder and CEO of NovuMind Inc, where he is leading the effort to push the frontier of artificial intelligence (AI) via high-performance and heterogeneous computing. His dream is to improve people’s life using NovuMind’s AI technologies.

He was the distinguished scientist at Baidu Research where he and his team have designed and built a supercomputer dedicate for deep learning, and have achieved world’s best results on many image recognition tasks.

Prior to joining Baidu, Ren served as chief software architect of Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) at AMD. Earlier, he was the principal investigator of CUDA Research Center at HP Labs, where he is widely known for his pioneering work in using GPUs to accelerate big data analytics and large-scale machine learning algorithms.

Ren is also known for his early work on artificial intelligence. His Xiangqi (Chinese chess) program was twice world champion and have dominated computer Xiangqi field for more than a decade. He was the first person to perform systematic research computationally on Xiangqi endgames with astonishing discoveries.

Presentation: I2oT – The Era Of Intelligent Devices
New development in Artificial Intelligence has been making big headlines across many different fields lately.  In computer vision for example, using techniques inspired by the human brain, Deep learning based AI system, powered by custom-designed supercomputer and trained with massive number of examples are gaining the ability to recognize objects as accurately as humans can.  Artificial intelligence is more capable than it was ever before.

On the other hand, the Internet has been evolving from mobile Internet to the Internet of Things (IoT). Connected everything is changing our lives again.

The development of AI and IoT posed a serious challenge yet excellent opportunity for all of us. In this talk, Dr. Ren Wu will highlight how big data, deep learning, and high-performance/heterogeneous computing can work together – we are entering the era of intelligent devices.

Bay McLaughlin, Co-Founder & COO Brinc
Bay McLaughlinBay is a Co-Founder of Brinc, a global IoT accelerator, manufacturing studio, and online hardware community based in Hong Kong with offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, London, Barcelona, and Bahrain. Having spent half of his career in or founding startups, he now brings his experience and operations abilities to connect the dots from Asia to Silicon Valley for IoT companies from around the world. He currently holds equity positions in 32 companies in 12 countries, serves on the board of Soundbrenner and Brinc, and is a contributor for Forbes and a KOL for Huawei.

Bay has supported technology startups for the last decade. Over half of this time was spent at Apple as a founding team member of their global SMB channel and as the founder of their first Entrepreneurship Evangelism channel. To support startups at Apple, Bay partnered with the world’s best founders, venture capitalists, incubators and accelerators to identify and solve their most pressing strategic issues. His division at Apple has grossed more than $300M USD in sales and is still the best team globally in Apple SMB’s division. The other half of his career has been spent inside of or founding startups, two of which failed, one of which exited successfully. As a regular mentor for Chinaccelerator, the Thiel Foundation, and other startup ecosystems in Asia, Bay is passionate about investing in founders with a global vision. He speaks regularly at conferences, most recently at Web Summit, Echelon, RISE, LAUNCH, SXSW, Big Salad and more.

Presentation: Why IoT Matters?
The rise of IoT and AI will fundamentally change our personal health, lifestyle, habits, environment and everything in between. By unlocking the data in the physical world, we can solve problems that have plagued humanity for generations. This means that hardware, IoT, and AI companies that help us connect and make sense of the physical world are creating the future… maybe even saving it! From issues like diabetes to car accidents and deforestation and medical adherence, IoT companies will connect and help every single human on Earth. A valuable asset that governments, corporations and investors can keep in mind to help create value to the society as a whole. This is Why IoT Matters NOW!

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018 – 10:30 – 12:30, Room 4203

IF02- Industry Session on IoT IC Design

Anticipated wide deployments of Internet of Things (IoT) applications would significantly stimulate demand for microcontrollers, sensors, connectivity, processors, memory, chips, and I/O interfaces. Unlike the mobile space, IoT applications are more versatile and in most cases autonomous.  Nature of such brings challenges to IoT chip design ranging from cost (scale of economy), reusability, low power consumption, battery life, security/privacy, to market development.

This session provides to the audience an overview on the design challenges and solutions of various IC components used in IoT applications. The speakers will share their view and present work addressing challenges in achieving always-on wearable devices, commercialization of sensor technologies, and promoting IP core design. An open discussion panel will be held at the end to facilitate Q&A and dialogues among speakers and participants.


Annamalai Arasu, Head of Integrated Circuit & Systems, IME, A*STAR, Singapore
M. Annamalai Arasu leads the Integrated Circuit & Systems lab at Institute of Microelectronics (IME), Singapore, which is engaged in the design of low power integrated circuits for sensor signal acquisition, digital processing, wireless communication and power management for industrial and bio-medical applications. He has been with IME since 2004, and has led the development of CMOS RF IC transceivers for wireless communication in UWB, Ku-band, 2.4GHz, and Sub-GHz bands. He is currently leading the development of fully integrated voltage regulators. Previously he has been with Intel, Wipro Technologies and Centre for Development of Telematics, in India, working on Analog / RF circuits, and sub-systems for wireless communication.

Presentation: Integrated Circuit Architectures for IoT Devices
IoT devices span diverse applications, in consumer, industrial, and automotive sectors. The diversity in applications present a wide range of sensing, computation and wireless communication needs. However, the requirements of low power / energy consumption and low cost are common across IoT devices, especially so in battery operated and energy harvested devices. The architectures of the integrated circuits that perform sensor readout, signal processing and wireless communication have to continuously evolve to take advantage of advancements in semiconductor technologies and signal processing algorithms, to provide energy efficient and low cost system solutions for IoT. This talk will cover the trends in integrated circuits that aim to deliver energy efficient intelligent solutions for the IoT devices

Ping-Lung Shieh, Senior Director, Realtek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Presentation: Low Power BT/WIFI IoT Design Challenges


David Wilson, Director of System Architecture, Kinetic Technologies, USA
Dave WilsonDave worked for many years as an audio guru making psychoacoustic equipment, music synthesizers, and building audio systems at companies such as Apple, Sony, Lucent, Palm, and Leapfrog.  His diverse interests and training at Harvard University naturally led from an audio focus into a broad range of scientific, industrial, musical, and consumer products.  In recent years, Dave has been developing products with a focus on wireless power delivery combined with wireless communication techniques.  When integrated with sensing and output transducers, these systems embrace many essential elements of IoT functionality.  Dave is a well known expert in the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) responsible for practical realization of the global Qi standard (recently adopted by Samsung, LG, and Apple), as well as a leader working with IKEA and others to bring wireless power into an increasingly wide range of home and infrastructure products.  Most recently, Dave has been working at Kinetic Technologies with a continued focus in wireless and wired system level products that combine power and data into seamless, cost effective solutions that are a natural enabler of a wide range of IoT devices and products.

Presentation: Endless Power – Always On IoT & Wearable Devices
IoT and wearable devices are required to be always on and accessible to the users on the go.  Typically, these devices are continuously monitoring, measuring, collecting data, and providing information to the user or on behalf of the user in real time.  Such uninterrupted service is enabled through use of rechargeable batteries, and the only way to ensure endless battery life is to receive more energy than is used.  This requires a ubiquitous and compatible energy source wherever you go, which is now rapidly becoming a reality through Qi based Wireless Power.  Now dramatically accelerated by Apple’s adoption of Qi, this wireless power ecosystem is rapidly expanding beyond select Starbucks coffee shops to become widely available in the public infrastructure, commonly found in homes, and a must-have feature in automobiles. 

Dr. Wen-Hu Zhao, CEO, Chiptel Microelectronics Ltd., China
Wen-Hu ZhaoDoctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  Dr. Zhao has accumulated 17 years IC R&D industrial experience and more than 10 years enterprise management experience. His technical background covers from IC definition, circuits design, application development in SOC, high-speed data transmission, modern wireless communication and so on. He was the subsidiary corporation head in Chipidea Microelectronics Ltd., which was acquired by Synopsys (Nasdaq: SNPS). Now, Dr. Zhao is co-founder and G.M. in Chiptel Microelectronics Ltd., which is an IP and IC design service vendor in IoT field. Dr. Zhao has 4 patents and published more than 20 papers.

Presentation: Promoting IP Design Innovation to Welcome the Changes, Challenges and Chances in IoT
In the presentation, it will give the present status of IP design firstly. Then an analysis for the changes, challenges and chances in IoT will be presented. To welcome the technology era of IoT in smart cities and nations, we need promote the IP design innovation for brand-new IC products in IoT. It will cover the IP design conception, IP design direction and IP design flow. Finally, towards these innovation elements, the solutions and practical experiences in Chiptel will be shared.
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Tuesday, 6 February 2018 – 13:30-15:30, Room 4203

IF03-IoT Industrial Deployment

The Industrial deployment of IoT is subjected to a myriad of hurdles:

  • Too many IoT Protocols at different layers, non-cohesive and non-harmonized
  • Different verticals preaching different approaches
  • Consumer IoT products are insecure
  • ISPs are not offering IoT services

This session will address the many challenges while IoT seems to be used to sell anything in the market. There are also more important network issues to be addressed such as use of IPv6, Cloud computing, Fog Computing, SDN-NFV and the upcoming 5G.


Latif Ladid, University of Luxembourg / IPv6 Forum

  • Founder & President, IPv6 FORUM
  • Chair, ETSI IPv6 Industry Specification Group
  • IEEE Steering Committee Member: 5G, IoT, SDN
  • Chair, IEEE ComSoC IoT subcommittee
  • Chair, IEEE ComSoC 5G subcommittee

Lawrence Hughes, Sixscape Communications
Lawrence Hughes is the co-founder/CEO of Sixscape Communications. Prior to co-founding Sixscape, he was the co-founder and CTO of Cipher Trust in 2000, and the inventor of the technology there that did a USD273 million exit in 2006. He is also the inventor of Identity Registration Protocol (IRP) and SixChat protocol which were submitted to the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) and both awarded TCP port numbers on the Internet. Lawrence is the co-chair of IPv6 Forum Singapore and he is world class in both cryptographic and IPv6 technologies. Lawrence graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Science (Pure Math) from Florida State University, USA

Professor Sureswaran Ramadass, Professor Emeritus (Internet Engineering) Malaysia University of Science and Technology and Chief Scientist, Northern Lights
Professor Sureswaran Ramadass was the former Chairman of APAN (Asia Pacific Advanced Networks). He is also a Visiting Professor at the Malaysian University of Science and Technology (MUST) and Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of NLTVC Sdn Bhd. (NLTVC is a next generation communications research and development company).

Prior to this, he was the founding Director and Professor at the National Advanced IPv6 Centre of Excellence (NAV6), Universiti Sains Malaysia.

He obtained his BsEE/CE (Magna Cum Laude) and Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Miami in 1987 and 1990 respectively. He graduated as the top student in the College of Engineering for his Bachelors Degree. He obtained his PhD from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in 2000 while serving as a full time faculty in the School of Computer Sciences.

Medel Ramirez, Philippine IPv6 Forum

  • Vice President, Philippine IPv6 Forum
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering graduate.
  • Ten (10) years experience in design, planning and implementation of IP network infrastructure using Cisco – routing and switching products as well as PIX Firewalls or FWSM modules and ASA5500

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Tuesday, 6 February 2018- 16:00 – 18:00, Room 4203

IF04 – Application of Cyber Physical Systems and IoT in Manufacturing, Transportation, Energy and Healthcare

Cyber  Physical  System  (CPS)  and  related Internet of Things  (IoT) systems are  recognized  to have great  potentials to develop innovative  services and/or  to build  smart  systems  in multiple  sectors.  According  to  Framework for  Cyber-Physical- Systems  published  by  NIST1 , CPS  is not  just  able  to optimize various systems using feedback-loop between Cyber and Physical, it is to interact  with human  in various  domains  such as manu- facturing, transportation, energy and health  care. Thus CPS and IoT potentially  will be able to transform the human  society.

Currently  the  CPS  and  IoT  services  available  in  the  men- tioned domains  use non-interoperable platforms, individual  data formats.   They  create   data,   implementation  and  security   silos which  in  turn   pose  a  challenge  to  create   horizontal   services. This  industry  forum  panel  will address  such  concerns.  Specific focus will be given on (i) human  interaction with IoT and  CPS services, (ii) novel architecture for such interaction, (iii) achieving interoperability and (iv) novel application of CPS and IoT in the mentioned  domains.


Soumya Kanti Datta, EURECOM
Soumya Kanti Datta is a Research Engineer in EURECOM, France and is working on French and European research projects. He has also co-founded Future Tech Lab, a start- up working on Digital Transformation. His research focuses on innovation, development of next-generation technologies and standardization in Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine Communication, Mobile Edge Computing, Mobile Applica- tions  and  Computer  Security.  He  is  an  active  member  of IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, its Future Directions Committee and IEEE Communication Society. He has pub- lished  more  than  40  research  papers  and  articles  in  top notch IEEE Conferences, Magazines and Journals. Soumya has served as a Track Chair of ICCE 2015 and ICCE 2016, the flagship conference of IEEE CE Society and is serving on the Organizing Committee of WF-IoT 2016, the IEEE flagship conference on IoT. Apart from that he regularly volunteers for IEEE conferences, Journals in many capacities including TPC member, reviewer, session chair. He is a frequent participant of ETSI events and regularly gives tutorials and presentations on IoT at various events including ETSI and IEEE conferences. Currently Soumya is involved in oneM2M standards and W3C Web of Things Interest Group where he is leading the task force on Discovery and Provisioning and actively contributing to their standard development activities. He received his M.Sc. from Telecom ParisTech (EURECOM) in France. In this panel, Soumya will share represent the transportation domain.

Hiroshi  Yamamoto, IBM
Hiroshi  Yamamoto  is  a  Distinguished Engineer  and  the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Global Electronics Industry in IBM. His responsibilities include all electronics customers at global level. During his seven years career as a microcode developer for mechatronics system (ATM) in a large electronics company and twenty-five year career (system engineer) in IBM, he developed his technical expertise in both real time systems at  micro code level and enterprise level by applying industry standard based Distributed Transactions (CORBA/OTS, JTS/JTA, WS-Transaction) to various production systems including algorithmic trading systems (machine to machine system) in IBM. Those experiences led him appointed as a Distinguished Engineer in 2008. He expanded the horizontal industry skills in industrial sector by designing industry solution such as Meter Data Management system and Video Surveillance system for some large electronics customer which led him appointed as the Global Electronics CTO in 2013. Since then he has been working global customers such as Siemens, Advantech, Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electronics. Since he knows both machine control and enterprise system, his current focus  is  adapting  Internet  of  Things,  Industrie 4.0 and Cyber Physical Systems to the real customers environment. He was also appointed as a lead technical advisor/architect to IoT CoC in IBM-Japan (renamed as Watson IoT  BU  in  2016).  He  was  a  former  member  of  International Standard Organization / International Electro-technical Commission (ISO/IEC) JTC1 SC38 (Distributed Application Platform  and  Services)  national  bodies.  He  also  currently serves as a visiting professor of the graduate school Computer Science of Hosei University in Tokyo and as a member of strategic standard management in Northern Western University in US2  He holds seven patents of the distributed computing technology.

Frank  Alexander  Reusch, innogy SE
Frank  Alexander  Reusch  studied  in  Koblenz  (Germany) business administration and informatics. In addition, Mr. Reusch has completed a certificate course of the George Washington University in the field of ”International Project Leadership”. After graduating, he has worked intensively with IT automation in logistics, for example the use of infrared communication in distribution center. In addition to this, he was responsible for complex project management tasks like buildup a car assembly factory  for  Mercedes-Benz.  Since 2001, Mr. Reusch works for RWE as a project manager. There he led among others six years a team of software developers and built a center for automated software tests in Kosice (Slovakia). Mr. Reusch was trained as ”PMI Agile Certified Practitioner” and is a certified Innovation Manager. He supported two years as a Senior Product Manager Lemonbeat GmbH, a subsidiary of RWE. In this task, he was responsible for  the  development  of  ”embedded  devices”  up  to  small series production. Additionally he worked in W3C intensively on the standardization of a  communication protocol in the group ”Web of Things”. He gives lectures and presentations around the world regarding the Internet of Things and his practical experience. Today he is Senior Program Manager in innogy SE, the leading company in the RWE group. He is responsible to support Renewable Energies through the use of digitalization.

Thinagaran Perumal, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Thinagaran Perumal is  a  Senior Lecturer in  the  Department  of  Computer  Science,  Faculty  of  Computer  Science and Information Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia. THina received his BEng in Computer and Communication Systems from UPM in 2003, and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Intelligent Systems from same university in 2006 and 2012, respectively. Thina is currently serving as Chapter Chair for the IEEE Consumer  Electronics  Society  Malaysia  Chapter.  He  was the recipient of 2014 IEEE Early Career Award from IEEE Consumer Electronics Society for his pioneering contribution in the field of consumer electronics. His research interests are towards interoperability aspects of Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things (IoT), activity recognition and ambient intelligence. His current focus is solving interoperability issues and bridging the gap of consumer-centric Internet of Things in adapting Cyber-Physical Systems for bespoke verticals. He is an active member of IEEE Consumer Electronics Society and its Future Directions Committee on Internet of Things. He has been invited to give several keynote lectures and plenary talk on Internet of Things in various institutions and organizations internationally. He has published several papers in  IEEE  Conferences and  Journals and  is  serving as  TPC member for several reputed IEEE conferences. Currently he is the General Chair for International Symposium on Consumer Electronics 2017 (ISCE 2017).
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Thursday, 8 February 2018- 13:30-15:30, Room 4203

IF05 – Exponential Changes of Industrial IoT Space, Now and Future

Download IF05 Presentations (PDF)

The Internet of Things, IoT, drives Industries digitally transforming exponentially. IoT is all about connecting things and going beyond the connectivity. Things have been collecting data, but now they are doing it more accurately and frequently in order for us to extract better values.

One of key drivers for the value creation is Artificial Intelligence. AI is rapidly permeating our economies and societies. It complements IoT to create a range of intelligent products and services. The panel presents practical cases on how AI is used to enhance IoT products and services to make the Internet of Things smarter.

Another drive is human-centric solution for transformation enabled by IoT. Rather than approaching technologies as a replacement to human, this panel will explore alternatives to leveraging technologies to augment the human workforce and decision-making by examples illustrating how state-of-the-art IoT technologies is being applied to IoT space and insights on what is available today and what to expect over the next few years.


Christoph Theisinger, Vice President, Enterprise Presales, Asia Pacific & Japan at Dell EMC (Moderator)
Christoph Theisinger leads the Presales team to architect our client’s IT transformation to deliver both innovative and practical technology solutions. He is responsible for driving growth, market share and continuously high customer satisfaction levels.

Muralidhar, M.S.K、Senior Partner, Deloitte Consulting South East Asia
Murali is the manufacturing sector leader for Deloitte Consulting. His role helps clients transform their business and operating models to address the emergence of digital technologies. For nearly 25 years he has worked with clients in the high technology, automotive, industrial products and med-tech industry to shape and execute options for growth and operations improvement programs across all major economies in Asia Pacific.

Paul Marriott, Chief Operating Officer at SAP Asia Pacific Japan
Paul Marriott has spent the last 8 years with SAP Asia Pacific helping his customers and partners leverage innovative SAP solutions, which are the leading Cloud driving transformation of business through SAP HANA. He delivers business value by his IT experience with both SAP & Oracle solutions.

Shigeyoshi Shimotsuji, Executive Director and GM of Software & AI Technology Center, Toshiba Digital Solutions
Shigeyoshi Shimotsuji is Executive Director of Toshiba Digital Solutions Corp, which drives the digital transformation in energy, social infrastructure and building facility business segments. He runs Technology Center on IoT and Artificial Intelligence. The technologies of his division have realized new value for Toshiba IoT solutions.
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Tuesday, 6 February 2018 – 10:30 – 12:30, Room 4203

IF06 – IOT Security: Issues and Challenges for Mass Market Deployment

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With estimated 50 billion connected IoT devices to the Internet via heterogeneous networks and cloud platforms by the year 2020, security seems to be the biggest concern in the industry today. One of the major issues is that there is currently no industry wide consensus on how to implement and enforce security in the constrained devices satisfying both mass-market deployment requirements and cost. Traditional Internet-based security techniques and best industry practices require substantial re-engineering to address the device constraints issues and its end-less variety of applications. A large number of industry organizations consisting of silicon vendors, device manufacturers and service providers are working very hard to solve the issues and challenges for last few years.

In this panel, panelists will discuss several such issues: secure onboarding and commissioning, authentication, access control, and Over-the-air (OTA) secure update. Panel will also highlight industry advances and its challenges in providing end-to-end security solution throughout the device life cycle in several vertical IoT markets and its readiness for the mass-market deployment.

This panel consists of IoT security experts from leading industries, service provider and research organizations who are actively involved in researching and developing security solutions targeting the IoT markets. The audience will benefit from knowing the IoT security issues and challenges, industry trends, what to look for before deployment along with the opportunity to interact with the industry experts.


Asad Haque, Comcast, USA
Asad Haque is one of the lead security architects at Comcast. He overseas and provides guidance for end-to-end security of Comcast Xfinity™ Home devices and systems. He has over 25 years of Information Security and Design specializing in IoT ecosystems, security and identity. He is currently leading Blockchain based autonomous authentication and device association for devices and applications.

Anand Rajan, Intel Corporation, USA
Anand Rajan is the Senior Director of the Emerging Security Lab at Intel Labs. He leads a team of researchers whose mission is to investigate novel security features that raise the assurance of platforms across the compute continuum (Cloud to Wearables). The topics covered by his team span Trustworthy Execution Environments (TEE), IoT & Mobile Security, Cryptography, and Security for Emerging Paradigms (e.g. Autonomous Systems, 5G). Anand is a Principal Investigator for Intel’s research collaboration with academia, government, and commercial labs on Trustworthy Platforms. He is the mentor for the Security Research Sector of Intel’s Corporate Research Council. Anand was an active member of the IEEE WG that crafted the P1363 (public-key crypto) standard. Anand and team developed the Common Data Security Architecture specification that was adopted as a worldwide standard by The Open Group. His team was also instrumental on several security standardization efforts (e.g. PKCS#11, BioAPI, UPnP-Security, & EPID). Prior to joining Intel in 1994, Anand was technical lead for the Trusted-UNIX team at Sequent Computer Systems and worked on development and certification of a TCSEC B1-level Operating System.

Dr. Lily (Lidong) Chen, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA
Dr. Lily (Lidong) Chen is a mathematician and the manager of Cryptographic Technology Group in Computer Security Division, NIST. Her areas of research include cryptographic protocols, zero-knowledge proof, special featured digital signature schemes, network security, and security for wireless and mobility. Dr. Chen has actively contributed to cryptography and security standards developed in international and industry organizations such as ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC27 and IEEE 802 wireless. She co-authored book “Communication System Security” published in 2012 by CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. She has been leading NIST cryptography program since 2012.

Dr. Subir Das (Moderator), Vencore Labs, USA 
Dr. Subir Das is a Chief Scientist at Vencore Labs (formerly Advanced Technology Solutions, Telcordia Technologies Inc), Basking Ridge, NJ, USA and nearly 25 years of research and development experience.   His areas of interests are Mobile Wireless IP Networking, low power Personal Area Networking, Network and Internet of Things (IoT) security.  Dr. Das is responsible for developing strategic programs, defining new technologies and transitioning such programs through product development either internally or through customers. Dr. Das is also a leading contributor to various Standards (e.g., IEEE, IETF, 3GPP and ZigBee).  He is currently the Chair of IEEE 802.21 and ZigBee Alliance JupiterMesh™ WG targeting the Utility and IoT networks and an executive member of IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee. In the past, he held leadership position in IETF working groups. He has published over 75 papers, 5 IETF RFCs and granted thirty US patents. He is the recipient of 2009 IEEE Region I Award for outstanding contribution to Next Generation Wireless Networks, Protocols and its Standardization Efforts. He serves as a member in National Science Foundation, USA, and National Science and Engineering Council, Canada, award review committees. Dr. Das is a frequent speaker and an organizer of Industry Panels in IEEE and other international conferences.
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